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August 25, 2019

The 5 Most Popular Tourist Attractions Country Around The World

According to the tourist interest, visited places and other factors UNWTO has listed out the most popular tourist attractions countries around the world. In the list, both Europe and Asian countries are present. Nowadays, people like to tour different countries every year. And the percentage is increasing day by day.  Because it is easy now than before. Many tourist agencies are formed and help to […]

July 9, 2019

8 Best Hotel Safety Tips. Travelers Should Not Ignore

When staying at a hotel with family or solo, abide by some hotel safety tips to be safe and secured. Safety is required in every step of life even when walking in the road. A little consciousness can minimize accident or any mischief from life. So, while staying out of home for days, be aware of safety first. Take care of wallet, credit card, passport […]

July 3, 2019

How Much Should You Tip Housekeeping? 5 Rules Of Tipping

Is your hotel maid cleaning your room floor and you are thinking of how much should you tip housekeeping? Is it a rule of a five-star hotel or the personality of a guest of the hotel? Well, it is considered as courtesy and appreciation of the housekeepers work who tidy room and everything daily. Even you can ask them to arrange something beyond the services […]

June 12, 2019

How to Book Hotels at the Lowest Prices

Getting discount hotel reservations when you travel is not really that difficult when you know how? Booking early is one of the best ways to get a discount hotel reservation. And the earlier you book your hotel room the more discount you may receive. Hotels manage their reservations to ensure that the hotel books the maximum number of rooms at the maximum room rate possible. […]